Economy Overview
January 31, 2007, 12:17 am
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Greece has been known in the past as a relatively inexpensive travel destination, but that has changed of late. Prices in the top tourist towns are now as high as their European neighbors. This fact has both boosted and decreased tourism in the country. The revenue the country takes in from tourism has increased but the number of visitors per capita has decreased. The primary methods of income for Greece aside from tourism lie in textiles, manufacturing, and agriculture, as Greece is world renowned for its olives, tomatoes and wine. Now that Greece has converted to the Euro it’s even easier to trade with the neighboring countries and have people from other countries comprising about 20% of the workforce.

Human Rights issues
January 26, 2007, 12:40 am
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A major human rights issue in Greece is the violence shown by police officers, with disregard for proper procedure, and overall maintenance of peace and happiness. On several occasions people who did not stop for routine traffic checks were beaten, some to death by police officers. Little to nothing has been done about this in the country of Greece, to stop these atrocities. One factor of this brutality is that it is focused on the minority groups of Romanians and Macedonians. One man, who was imprisoned and handcuffed to the bed in his cell for possession of hash, was found dead after his bed was set on fire by an unknown party. Investigations of this crime were put to rest by the local authorities. These utter injustices have led many external civil service organizations to believe that the authorities in charge to be corrupt and in need of serious recreation.